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Ecommerce Analytics | Real Time Report

This report gives you instant insight into the revenue of your store, products being sold at that moment in time and a real-time activity stream of what is happening on your store. Additionally, real-time reporting becomes important when applied to other reports within the Ecommerce Analytics suite, including the Store Overview report, the Abandoned Cart report and the Merchandising report as it can help shed light on trends.

The Real Time Report can be viewed under AnalyticsReal Time.


At the top you’ll see a summary of your store’s purchase and visitor history for that day.

Real Time daily live feed

Metric Breakdown

Revenuetotal revenue, up to the minutesum (revenue from completed storefront orders) - sum (returns + refunds)
Visitstotal visits to the site, up to the minutesum visits
Orderstotal storefront orders, up to the minutesum completed storefront orders
Items Soldtotal quantity of items sold, up to the minutesum (for each order sum (line item * qty))

Take Action with Data — Not only does this report help you keep tabs on your business in the moment, but it can help you monitor marketing campaigns or flash sales impact. This report is also great to direct your senior level management to, when they need a quick snapshot into how the business is performing day-to-day. Sales managers and CFOs tend to spend most of their time viewing this report to keep a pulse on hourly sales.

Latest Products Sold

Below you’ll see a list of the five most recently sold products. Click the name of the product to visit that product’s Merchandising Report.

Latest Products Sold

Latest Activity

You’ll also see the Latest Activity feed, which is a live stream of visits to your store. This includes information on the visit origin, any keywords used, and how long ago they visited.

Latest Activity


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