BigCommerce Analytics | Purchase Funnel Report

The purchase funnel measures the actions visitors make on your site before making a purchase. You can use this report to determine where customers are getting stopped in the purchase flow and work towards improving the experience in that area.

Purchase Funnel Bar Graph

  • Visited — the total number of visits to your site; visits include each new visit after 30 minutes of inactivity (tracked via Javascript)
  • Shopped — visits that viewed at least one product page (including Quickviews)
  • Added to Cart — visits where at least one item was added to cart
  • Purchased — visits with a completed order
Purchase funnel bar graph


Purchase Funnel Over Time Graph

The line graph below shows changes to the different areas of the purchase funnel over time. Hover over a data point to view exact values.

Purchase Funnel Over Time Graph


Want to learn more? For tips on using the Purchase Funnel report to increase your revenue, check out our Purchase Funnel Report Guide.

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