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Setting Product Visibility

Product visibility refers to your products’ visibility on your storefront. When you make a product not visible, it will not appear on any category pages, search results or product panels (like New or Featured), and customers will not be able to access its product detail page (it will result in a 404 error if not redirected).

If you want to hide a product from category pages, but still have it be available via URL/direct link, see Limiting Product Accessibility.

There are several reasons why you might want to have a product not be visible:

  • A product may become temporarily unavailable (and you don’t track inventory).
  • While creating a new product, you might want to save and come back to it later before publishing it.
  • You want to add a product to a manual order, but not have it publicly available on the storefront.

Toggling Product Visibility

Go to ProductsView and click the eye button next to a product to toggle its storefront visibility.

Eye button next to a product highlighted on the Products > View screen

You can also toggle visibility when adding or editing a product from the Other Details tab under the Other Details section.

Toggling Product Visibility in Bulk

You can toggle Visibility for groups of products in bulk using the Bulk Edit tool in the control panel.

Product Visible? is also an updatable field when importing products with a CSV file.


Automatically Adjusting Product Visibility using Inventory Settings

If you track inventory for your product, you have the option of automatically hiding a product or option from the storefront when it is out of stock. See Inventory Settings for more information.

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