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Product Options: File Upload Field

The File Upload Field lets your customer choose a file from their hard drive to include with the product information. This is typically done for custom printed products. For example, you could use a file upload field to get your customers’ logo for printing on your product.

File Upload option example

Setting Up a File Upload Option

1. Go to ProductsProduct Options and click Create an Option.

2. Click the Create your own tile.

"Create your own" button

3. Enter the following details:

  • Option Name — the name of your option (to be used internally for keeping track of options)
  • Display Name — the label of the options seen by customers
  • Display TypeFile Upload field

4. Once you select File Upload Field, you can configure the following settings:

  • File Types — Select whether you want to allow customers to upload files of any type or limit the file types to the following options:
    • Images and photos
    • Documents and text files
    • Other (specify the extensions you want to allow, separated by a comma (pdf,mp3,zip))
  • Maximum File Size (in KB) — Enter the maximum file size you want your customers to be allowed to upload, or enter 0 for no limit. The file size will still be limited by the server to approximately 500,000 KB (500 MB).

5. Click Next when done. On the following page, you will be prompted to add your option to an existing option set or to create a new one.


What's an option set? An option set is a collection of one or more options that is assigned to an individual product. Products are added to an option set rather than directly to the product, so that you can apply options to more than one product at a time. Learn more.

Select an Option Set

Check The option is required to complete checkout to require your customer to select an option before they can add it to their cart.

The option set can be edited from the Option Sets page.

6. Save your changes. You can now apply the Option Set to a product.

Locating the Uploaded File

There are two ways to view the uploaded file. The quickest is to locate the order under OrdersView Orders, and click on the file name in the order details.

You can also access the uploaded files by connecting to your server via WebDAV and navigating to product_imagesconfigured_products. This option is useful if you need to access multiple files at once.

Configured products folder in WebDAV

Video Walkthrough

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