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Product Options: Color

The color display type is used to show a color of a product or one of its attributes. It’s commonly used for products that are available in different colors, such as clothing.

If you want to upload images of a pattern or texture as well, check out Product Options: Swatch.

This option type can be used with option rule logic to trigger certain updates, such as changing the picture, the price, or the weight.

Setting Up the Option

1. Go to ProductsProduct Options and click Create an Option. Click the Color tile.

Color option button

2. Fill out the following details:

Color option details

  1. Option Name — the name of your option (internal only, for keeping track of options)
  2. Colors — the name of the color or pattern. Customers will only see this when hovering their pointer over the swatch.
  3. Hex code — if you have a particular color’s hexidecimal code (a six-digit color code) that you want your swatch to use, enter it here. The swatch color will populate automatically.
  4. Color swatch — click to display the color picker, then select the color for your swatch.

To add a new size, click any green plus (+) button.

To remove a size, click the red minus (-) button beside it.

3. Click Next when done. On the following page, you will be prompted to add your option to an existing option set or to create a new one.


What's an option set? An option set is a collection of one or more options that is assigned to an individual product. Products are added to an option set rather than directly to the product, so that you can apply options to more than one product at a time. Learn more.

Select an Option Set

Check The option is required to complete checkout to require your customer to select an option before they can add it to their cart.

The option set can be edited from the Option Sets page.

4. Save your changes. You can now apply the Option Set to a product.

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