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Product Options: Checkbox


A checkbox display type allows the customer to confirm a single statement or opt to include a single add-on. It is commonly used to offer simple upgrades or to confirm terms of service.

This option type can be used with option rule logic to trigger certain updates, such as changing the picture, the price, or the weight. For example, if you’d like the customer to add insurance for $5, you would create a rule that adds $5 when Yes is checked.

Setting Up the Checkbox Option

1. Go to ProductsProduct Options and click Create an Option.

2. Click the Create your own tile.

"Create your own" button

This step is part of the new Product Options enhancements. If you don't see this section, proceed to step 3.

3. Enter the following details:

  • Option Name — The name of your option (to be used internally for keeping track of options)
  • Display Name — The label of the options seen by customers
  • Display Type — Checkbox

Checkbox selected as Display Type

4. Configure the settings listed on the following page.

  • Default Status (Checked/Not Checked) — Is the option checked automatically (Checked), or will the customer have to select it manually (Not checked)?
  • Field value — The text shown to the right of the menu (e.g. Yes, please include a free keychain with my order)

Default Status and Field Value

5. Click Next when done. On the following page, you will be prompted to add your option to an existing option set or to create a new one.

Select an Option Set

Check The option is required to complete checkout to require your customer to select an option before they can add it to their cart.

The option set can be edited from the Option Sets page.

6. Save your changes. You can now apply the Option Set to a product.

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