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Adding a Product | Images & Videos

To add an image to your product, go to ProductsView and click on the name of the product to edit it. Then click on the Images & Videos tab.

  • Supported file types are JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG. TIF and PDF files are not supported.
  • The optimal size for your product images is 1280 x 1280 pixels. Other product images (like thumbnails) will be created from the original image you upload.

Want to adjust how product images appear? Check out the Cornerstone Theme Manual and PixelUnion's theme documentation for more information on optimizing your product images for your specific theme.

Adding an Image

Upload New Product Images

There are multiple ways you can upload a product image into your store:

  • Drag and drop the image from your computer to the Upload New Product Images box
  • Click Select images and navigate to the image on your computer
  • Click the Upload images from the web link on the right to enter the web address of an image online
  • Click the Choose images from your gallery link to select an image you've uploaded to the Image Manager

Managing Your Images

Manage Images

Click the Use as Thumbnail radio button to select which image will represent the product.

If you have multiple images, drag and drop them up or down to change the sort order.

The product description will become the image's alt tag. This is the alternate text that provides information about the image for users who cannot view it. See our article on Product Descriptions Best Practices for tips on getting the most out of your product image descriptions.

To delete an image, select the checkbox next to it and click Delete Selected.

Adding a YouTube Video

Animation showing searching for a YouTube video and selecting it for the product

1. Put the link to your YouTube video or search terms in the search field, then click Search.

2. The videos matching your link or search terms will appear under Search Results. Click the checkbox next to your preferred video(s) to select it and it will appear under Selected Videos.

To remove a video you've already selected, click the checkbox next to it under Selected Videos.

3. Save your changes when done.


Did you know? You can also add videos to the product description by using the YouTube button in the WYSIWYG editor.

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