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Product Availability

By default, when you add a new product, it is available for shoppers to add to their cart for purchase. You can modify a product's availability when creating or editing it.

A product's availability setting allows you to:

  • provide shoppers an early preview of new products or upcoming brands
  • take pre-orders for products not yet available
  • disable purchasing for out-of-stock products that don't track inventory

Changing Product Availability

To change the availability setting on a single product, add or edit a product, then scroll down to the Availability section.

You can choose between the following options:

  • This product can be purchased in my online store (default)
  • This product is coming soon but I want to take pre-orders
    • Message — message that will display in place of the Add to Cart button
    • Release date — date you expect the product back in stock
    • Remove pre-order status on this date — product will be changed back to Product can be purchased in my online store automatically on the selected date
  • This product cannot be purchased in my online store — for products to be marked as catalog-only
    • Show "Call for pricing" message instead of the price — field to type in your desired Call for Pricing message

Allow Purchases? is an also updatable field when importing products. Use this if you need to enable or disable purchasability in bulk.



Can I accept back orders?

Our pre-order functionality can be tweaked to accept back orders as well. Just use the pre-order message field to let the client know that the product can be back-ordered. You might also want to provide an estimate for when the product will be back in stock if you have that date available.

Can I notify shoppers automatically when a product is back in stock?

Check out the app store for stock notification and other inventory management apps.

How do I hide a product from the storefront?

Change the product's visibility setting.

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