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BigCommerce Pricing

You can upgrade your plan at any time. Your plan will be automatically upgraded based on trailing 12-month sales volume; see Plan Features.

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Pricing Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy for defining this methodology has been to create a fair, predictable and competitive pricing model for growing brands on BigCommerce. With that in mind, we always choose to err on the side of transparency and reliability even, if that means we don’t count every single order that is processed in a store. We want to be fair in only charging for legitimate orders, and we want you to feel confident we are counting orders appropriately when we determine your monthly bill.


Eligible Orders and Calculations

GMV and order counts are the sum of the sales volume you have processed over the last 12 months, and this trailing 12 month total is updated on the first day of each month. GMV includes tax and shipping costs. All revenue is converted to USD using up-to-date exchange rates.

We count all orders processed through one of the native payment methods offered via your control panel or storefront. Additionally, orders from Facebook Shopping and Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay using our built-in integrations are included. Orders processed through the Test Payment Gateway or added manually with the Manual Payment method are not included.

Revenue is only counted when the payment status is captured, and does not include authorized payments that are not captured or “voided” payments, which are processed at the payment gateway's dashboard. Once an order's payment is captured, the revenue is included, even if the order is later refunded.

We understand that many of our merchants use BigCommerce to aggregate orders from a variety of channels beyond the online storefront powered by BigCommerce, which is why we have chosen to exclude orders created via API from third-party apps (e.g. ChannelAdvisor, Sellbrite, Channel Unity, custom apps, etc.). We want you to continue to choose BigCommerce as the hub that powers your business across all of the channels where you sell your products.


Viewing Your Sales Volume

Store owners will be able to see the official sales volume and order count, as well as whether your plan will change, in your account details at any time. Keep in mind that the sales volume and order count definition that you see in the Billing area may be different from your dashboard or analytics reports. All of these sources contain accurate information, but they simply report on different events.

1. Go to Account SettingsAccount Summary.

2. Click on your store name.

Store name highlighted in the BigCommerce Account Dashboard

3. Your store's trailing 12-month plan limits are listed under Plan Summary. Your store's sales volume and order count are listed under Store History.

Store History showing trailing 12 month sales volume and order count


Plan Features

Included in all plans

Call 1-866-991-0872
No transaction fees

Unlimited products, file storage and bandwidth

Unlimited Staff accounts

Sales Channels

Branded online store
eBay and Amazon
Point of sale
Google Shopping


Responsive website
Single-page checkout
Coupons, discounts and gift cards
Real time shipping quotes
Professional reporting tools
Product ratings and reviews
Free Sitewide HTTPS and Dedicated SSL
ShipperHQ shipping rules engineAvailableAvailableAvailable
Customer groups and segmentation 
Abandoned cart saver 
Persistent Cart 
Stored Credit Cards 
Google customer reviews  
Faceted search (product filtering)  
Custom SSL  AvailableAvailable
Custom facets (product filtering)   
Unlimited API Calls   
Online sales per year
Calculated on a trailing 12-month basis

Up to $50k

Up to $180k

Up to $400k


Service and Support

24/7 live agent support
Express routing,
priority support, and strategic
account management available

Payment Processing

No transaction fees to use leading
payment gateways (US only) Learn more
(Optional) Special credit card rates from
PayPal powered by Braintree Learn more

2.9% + $0.30
per transaction

2.5% + $0.30 
per transaction

2.2% + $0.30 
per transaction

2.2% + $0.30 or lower
per transaction

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