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Pointing Your Domain

If you're new to domain names and want to know more about what they are and how they work, check out the Guide to Domain & DNS. It includes tips on how to choose a domain that reflects your brand and common domain name scenarios.

Using a domain name in BigCommerce consists of two steps:

  • pointing a DNS record to BigCommerce
  • changing your store's domain

Pointing Your Domain

There are three possible ways to point your domain to BigCommerce:

Pointing Your Nameservers to BigCommerce

Pointing your nameservers to BigCommerce is the recommended way to use your domain with your store. To point your nameservers, you will need to log into your domain registrar, the service you purchased your domain from.


Purchase a domain name from BigCommerce? If you purchased your domain name through BigCommerce, the nameservers are automatically pointed to BigCommerce. No extra steps are necessary.

1. Log into your domain registrar account.

2. Locate the area to change your nameservers, usually under DNS Settings. If you have trouble, the registrar's knowledge base or support team will be able to provide you specific information.

3. Use the following information to point the nameservers.

BigCommerce NameserverHost Name

How soon do my changes take effect? Pointing a domain name to a new set of nameservers can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate.

Email and MX Records

If you’ve pointed your nameservers to BigCommerce but would prefer to host your email elsewhere, you may do so by updating the MX records in your control panel. To access your store’s MX records go to Server SettingsDNS Records.

MX records determine where your domain’s email traffic is directed. While we do provide links to MX records for some commonly used email providers below, generally your email host would be able to provide you with the necessary records.

Using GoDaddy for Email?

How do I use G Suite (formerly Google Apps) as my e-mail service?

Pointing a CNAME to BigCommerce

To point a subdomain of your domain to your BigCommerce store, create a CNAME record that points to your BigCommerce temporary/canonical URL. A benefit of pointing a subdomain is that you would not need to update any preconfigured email settings. They would still be managed by your registrar.

1. Log into your domain registrar account.

2. Create a CNAME record. If you have trouble, the registrar's knowledge base or support team will be able to provide you specific information.

3. Use the following settings:

  • Alias — the domain you want your store to be on (e.g. or
  • Host / Points to — your BigCommerce temporary/canonical URL (e.g.
  • TTL — how long the server should cache the information, measured in seconds (e.g. 3600)

Pointing an A Record to BigCommerce

Pointing your domain via an A record involves creating an A record at your registrar that points to your store's IP address (see  Finding Your Store's IP Address). Please note that this method is not recommended since store IP addresses are not static and are subject to change. If your store's IP address changes, the A record will no longer link your domain name and store, resulting in a blank page.

If you do choose to use this method to point your domain, locate your IP address and contact your domain registrar for assistance with updating the domain's existing A record to point to it.

Changing Your Store's Domain

See Changing Your Store's Domain for instructions on updating your store's domain to any one of the following:

  • a custom domain you have already registered (e.g.
  • a subdomain of a domain you have already registered (e.g.
  • another domain that is not already in use by another store

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