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Pointing Multiple Domains to One BigCommerce Store

You may want to have multiple domains that lead to your storefront. It can be useful if you are renaming your store and need a new URL or if you're going to start using a subdomain. This can be done on BigCommerce by setting a single domain name to be the primary domain name and use domain forwarding for any other domains you want to lead to your storefront. For a customer, typing in any of the domains will bring them to the storefront, but they will see the domain change to the primary domain in their browser address bar.


Can I access more than one store under a single control panel? It is not possible to access more than one BigCommerce store through a single control panel. However, you can switch between multiple stores from the Control Panel above the Log Out section.

Forwarding Secondary Domains

These instructions assume you have purchased a root domain, additional root domains, and subdomains from the same registrar (the company you bought your domain from). Before starting, determine which of your root domains or subdomains will be the primary domain. This will be the domain that the others will redirect to.

1. Apply the primary domain to your store. This will make the store and control panel under that domain.

2. Go to your registrar control panel and point your primary domain. The method you use to point your domain will be different depending on whether your domain is a root domain (e.g. or a subdomain (such as

3. You will now want to forward your remaining domains to the primary domain. Because instructions will vary for each registrar, we recommend calling your registrar and asking them to assist you with forwarding these domains.


What’s the difference between pointing a domain and forwarding a domain? Pointing a domain is a general term for updating the DNS records for a domain to bring the user to a third-party host. Forwarding a domain is a specific process that brings the user from one domain to another, regardless of the web host.


  • I have chosen to be my store's primary domain.
  • I apply to my store; then I point its DNS to BigCommerce.
  • I have my registrar forward and to


When a customer types or into the address bar, they are brought to the store. The URL changes to

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