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Persistent Cart

Online shopping is no longer limited to the computer. Cyber week trends show that, in 2018, mobile orders accounted for 53% of all orders with desktop computers taking the lead on Cyber Monday.

Shoppers expect the products they've added to their cart on one device to be remembered when they log in on another. Persistent Cart makes shopping convenient by automatically associating a shoppers cart to their customer account allowing shoppers to retrieve their cart from any device.

Simplifying the checkout by storing their cart not only improves the customer experience but also increases your conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment. Note that Persistent Cart is only available on Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans.


Enabling/Disabling Persistent Cart

Persistent Cart is available for stores on select BigCommerce plans as an included feature. These steps detail how stores can disable/enable it, should the need arise.

1. Go to Advanced SettingsCheckout

2. Click the checkbox next to Enable Persistent Cart to turn it on or off.

Enable Persistent Cart setting


Why Should I Enable Persistent Cart?

The following points will help illustrate the benefits of a persistent cart and how it functions.

  • Privacy — Persistent carts are associated with the customer's account instead of being saved to the browser, so they will be kept private when the shopper logs out.
  • Guest Shopping — Shoppers on the go can sometimes browse as a guest even if they have an account. Guest shoppers that have a customer account will retain their cart when they log in, no matter the device.
  • Cross Device Updates — Persistent cart combines customer/guest carts and allows customers to start or finish checkout flows from multiple devices. For example, a shopper logs into their account adds an item to their cart and logs out from their laptop. Then visits your store on their mobile device as a guest and adds another product to their cart. They then complete the checkout back home from their desktop computer. The cart will update with both items, or if they added the same item, the quantity would update to the correct amount.


How long will the persistent cart last?

The cart will expire after 30 days.

Will this feature work on a store using a Blueprint theme?

Yes. Persistent Cart will work with either a Stencil or Blueprint theme.

Will this feature work when logged in as a customer from the control panel?

No. Persistent Cart only works when the customer is logged into their account from the storefront. It will not work for a merchant logging into a customer account from the control panel.

Will carts be combined when a shopper signs into their account during checkout?

No. In this particular scenario, the shopper's carts will not be combined to avoid a situation where the shopper unknowingly purchases more items than expected.

Do we present a message to shoppers when a cart has been combined?

Yes. We will automatically present a banner message to let the shopper know that the cart has been updated.

Can I disable the persistent cart?

Yes. See Enabling Persistent Cart to learn how to disable/enable it.

I'm using The Abandoned Cart Saver. Will customers receive an abandoned cart notification if they happen to leave their cart on one device but complete the checkout on another?

Yes, if the checkout was not completed before the first email is triggered. See Using the Abandoned Cart Saver to learn how to adjust the frequency of these emails.

The Abandoned Cart Saver will stop sending notifications after the shopper has checked out — no matter the device. However, if a win-back email is generated and during that time more items were added to the cart, the cart link in the email will combine all the contents into a single cart.

Does Persistent Cart work with Single Sign-on (SSO) providers that allow shoppers to log in through social identity (e.g. Google, Facebook) and through enterprise identity providers?

SSO is currently not supported.

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