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With the rise in online shopping, shoppers have come to expect that products they've added to their cart will be remembered when they log in using another device. Persistent Cart makes shopping convenient by automatically associating a shopper's cart to their customer account, allowing shoppers to retrieve their cart from any device.

Persistent Cart not only improves the customer experience by combining guest and customer carts and allowing customers to start or finish check out from multiple devices, but it also increases conversion rates by reducing cart abandonment.



Persistent Cart is available on Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans.



1. Go to Advanced SettingsCheckout

2. Click the checkbox under Cart to allow customers to access items in their shopping cart across multiple devices.

3. Save your changes.

Enable Persistent Cart setting



How long will customer carts be saved when using Persistent Cart?

Persistent Carts will expire after 30 days.

Will this feature work on a store using a Blueprint theme?

Yes. Persistent Cart will work with Stencil and Blueprint themes.

Will this feature work when a user is logged in as a customer?

No. Persistent Cart only works when the customer is logged into their account from the storefront. It will not work for a merchant logging into a customer account from the control panel.

Will carts be combined when a shopper signs into their account during checkout?

No. In this particular scenario, the shopper's carts will not be combined to avoid a situation where the shopper unknowingly purchases more items than expected.

Do we present a message to shoppers when a cart has been combined?

Yes. We will automatically present a banner message, letting the shopper know that the cart has been updated.

Can I disable Persistent Cart?

Yes. You can disable Persistent Cart by navigating to checkout settings in the control panel, then unchecking the box under Cart. Make sure to save your changes.

I'm using the Abandoned Cart Saver feature on my store. Will customers receive an abandoned cart notification if they happen to leave their cart on one device, but complete checkout on another?

Yes, if checkout was not completed before the first email is triggered. See Using the Abandoned Cart Saver to learn how to adjust the frequency of these emails.

The Abandoned Cart Saver will stop sending notifications after the shopper has checked out — no matter the device. However, if an email is generated and during that time more items were added to the cart, the cart link in the email will combine all the contents into a single cart.

Does Persistent Cart work with Single Sign-on (SSO) providers that allow shoppers to log in through social identity (such as Google or Facebook) and enterprise identity providers?

SSO is currently not supported.

Does Persistent Cart work with the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin?

No. The BigCommerce for WordPress (BC4WP) plugin does not support Persistent Cart at this time.

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