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Payments Overview

When setting up your store to receive payments, you can choose from our payment gateway integrations to accept credit card payments online. Your Store Country and currency will determine the payment gateways available to you. You can also provide offline methods, such as check, bank deposit, or cash on delivery. There is no limit to how many payment methods you can set up, although we recommend not using more than two or three.

What Is a Payment Method?

A payment method refers to the way in which you collect payment from your customers. You have many options including accepting credit cards, offering PayPal, expecting cash on delivery or even letting your customers pay by check, just to name a few.

Why Is Choosing the Right Payment Gateway Important?

Offering a simple and frictionless checkout experience is critical to your store’s conversion rate. Additionally, offering multiple payment options will make your store accessible to different types of shoppers. Each shopper has expectations and preferences when doing online transactions. Having multiple ways to pay is essential to meet all of their needs.

When deciding what payment method, or methods, consider aspects like transaction fees, currencies and types of products the payment gateway will work with. You should also look into any additional features like fraud protection, and pre-authorization.

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