BigCommerce Analytics | Orders Report

The Orders report provides a snapshot of all orders placed on your site. The top line shows five key metrics of completed purchases.

Top line of Orders Report, showing an overview of Total Orders, Items Sold, Revenue, % Orders Discounted, and Average Order Volume

  • Total Orders — total number of completed orders in a given time period
  • Items Sold — total number of units of products sold
  • Revenue — sale price minus order discounts, item returns and item refunds. These are returns from orders that happened in the given time period, rather than only returns that happened in the time period.
  • % Orders Discounted — percentage of all orders that were discounted at the order level
  • AOV — Average Order Value; the average amount of revenue from each completed order, not including returned and refunded orders

Orders Over Time Graph

The Orders graph charts completed orders over the selected period of time. A second bar will show the orders from the previous time period. Note that the Y-axis will only show the dates from the current time period. Use your mouse to hover over a data point to view exact values.

The Orders Over Time graph in the Analytics - Orders report

Orders Table

The orders table lists all orders from your store. Clicking the order number will take you to the Order Details Report. This table can be sorted by clicking the arrows next to any column heading.

Orders are reported in a table at the bottom of the Orders report. Clicking an order number will forward you to the Order Detail Report

Order Details Report

The Order Details Report shows you the product summary for a specific order, as well as the total, subtotal, taxes, and any applied discounts. Clicking on the name of the product will bring you to the Merchandising report for that product.

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