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Miscellaneous Settings

Miscellaneous store settings can be accessed in Store SetupStore Settings, under the Miscellaneous tab.

Email Settings

Email settings

  • Product Review Emails — Determines whether customers are automatically sent an email asking them to review the products they purchased. If enabled, the text field below allows you to configure how many days after an order is marked Shipped or Completed the email should be sent. There is also an option to determine whether or not guest checkouts receive review emails.  See Managing Reviews for more information.
  • Forward Order Invoice — Determines if a copy of the order invoice should be emailed to the addresses entered below any time a customer completes a purchase. You may enter multiple addresses, separated by a comma.
  • Use SMTP Server — Determines whether the store should use the default BigCommerce mail servers or a third-party SMTP server when sending email messages from your store. If Let me specify my own SMTP server details is selected, you will need to enter the SMTP hostname, username, password, and port. See Using a Custom SMTP Server for more information.
  • Administrator's Email — The email address where all system notifications should be sent. It will appear on order confirmation emails. Only one address may be entered.

Email settings cont.

  • *Abandoned Cart Notifications — Determines whether or not customers are automatically sent an email when they abandon a cart.
  • *Abandoned Cart Emails — Determines whether or not you are sent an email when a customer abandons a cart. If enabled, allows you to configure how many carts should be abandoned before the email is sent, and whether or not the customer should receive no further abandoned cart emails after clicking the "Complete Order" link in the email.
  • *Converted Cart Emails — Determines whether or not you are sent an email any time a customer returns to complete a purchase after receiving an abandoned cart email.
  • *Send Emails To — Determines what email address abandoned cart emails are sent to.

*This feature is available on select BigCommerce plans. See Using the Abandoned Cart Saver for more information.

Advanced Store Settings

Advanced store settings

  • Character Set — Determines the character set used on your storefront.
  • Allow Purchasing — Determines whether or not customers can order from your store. If disabled, products will still be visible, but customers will not be able to add them to their cart.
  • Forgotten Passwords — Determines whether or not customers should be allowed to reset their own store account passwords if forgotten.

Google Settings

Google settings (used for Google Maps)

  • Google Maps API Key — Allows you to enter a Google Maps API key used to generate order location reports and maps on the AnalyticsStore Overview page.

Order Settings

Order settings (used for starting order number)

  • Starting Order Number — Determines the order number or ID of the next order placed.


Privacy Settings (includes European cookie notification setting)

  • Turn on European Cookie Notification — Determines whether or not a notification stating that your store uses cookies to track visitor data should be displayed at the top of your store.
  • Notification Text — Allows you to configure the text that should display in the European Cookie Notification message if enabled.
  • Allow Analytics — Determine whether your store collects data with Ecommerce Analytics or legacy Classic Analytics. Classic Analytics data cannot be transferred if you switch back to Ecommerce Analytics. 



  • Enable Throttler — Determines whether or not your store should restrict the number of product reviews a customer can post within a specified time frame. If enabled, the number of reviews and time frame can be configured below.

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