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Updating a Marketplace Theme

Theme updates are improvements for your Stencil theme that either incorporates a new feature or fixes a known issue. Keeping your theme up to date ensures that your site performs optimally and takes advantage of the latest BigCommerce features.

Updates apply only to themes purchased from the Theme Marketplace and are available even if the theme is not yet live on your storefront. To see if a theme needs updating, go to Storefront › My Themes.

Update Available


Keep your theme current. Available updates will not be displayed for uploaded custom themes, copied themes, or custom themes purchased from third-party marketplaces. See Updating Custom Themes for more information.


How to Update a Theme

A majority of updates will ask you for permission before applying the update. To preview how the update will affect your store, click the Customize Update button. This will open the Store Design editor and show a preview of your storefront.

Update and Customize Update buttons


Don't see any changes when you preview an update? This is normal, since most updates will affect only features on the back end of your store. The preview allows you to confirm that it does not affect your storefront.

To apply the update to your theme, click Update. This will not undo any changes made in Store Design. 


Restoring an Earlier Theme Version

Store Design saves versions of your theme for every update and after every publish action. If you preferred how your theme worked or looked prior to an update, you can switch to an earlier version listed in the editor's History section.

1. Go to Storefront › My Themes, then click Customize.

Customize button

2. Inside Store Design, click History. This will display a list of the theme’s most recent previous versions.

Viewing the theme history in Store Design

3. Click the version you want to restore. You will then see the theme in the preview panel.

4. To apply it to the store, click Publish.


Updating Custom Themes

If you are using an uploaded custom theme or a copied theme, you will need to get in touch with the theme’s developer for any available updates. If you copied a theme and then edited the theme files, it is considered a custom theme. BigCommerce cannot push updates to custom or third-party themes.

This restriction on receiving theme updates applies only to uploaded custom themes which you or your developer have customized by using developer tools, or to copied themes. If you have edited a Marketplace theme only using Store Design, you will still receive updates.

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