Managing your eBay listings on BigCommerce

This article describes managing the products you have listed to eBay. For help with setting up your eBay integration, see Setting up eBay with BigCommerce. For help with listing your products, see Listing on eBay through BigCommerce.

The BigCommerce integration with eBay can push products from your store to eBay's listings, and receive order information from eBay for those products. The product information is only pushed one way and does not sync later, so if you want inventory, price, and other product information to sync in real time, you may want to consider using a multichannel-listing app.

Viewing your listed products

You can view all of the items you've listed on eBay by going to MarketingSell on eBay and saying on the Live eBay Listings tab.

Sell on eBay screen showing Live eBay Listings tab

You will see each item, its status, the current high bid, and the quantity remaining (for fixed price items). Click the product name to view the item on eBay. You can revise any details for the product or listing from that page.

Removing your listed products

Removing Products from your BigCommerce store

If you wish to stop a product from being shown in your BigCommerce store but still be listed on eBay, click the Remove action link, or select multiple products and choose Remove these products from my store from the drop-down menu.

"Remove" highlighted in the eBay listing action dropdown list


"Remove the selected listings from my store" highlighted in the Choose an action list, and listings checked for removal

Removing products will stop them from being displayed in your store, but they will remain unaffected on eBay's site.

End Listing(s) on eBay

Click the End Listing link on an individual product, or select multiple products and choose End the Selected Listing(s) on eBay from the drop-down menu.

"End listing" highlighted in the eBay listing action dropdown list


"End the selected listing(s) on eBay" highlighted in the Choose an action dropdown list

You will be required to select a reason for canceling the listing. Depending on how much time remains and if bids have been placed, it may not be possible to cancel a listing.

Managing Orders

When a product has been sold on eBay, an order will be created in your store. To view the order details, go to OrdersView. eBay orders can be told apart from regular orders by the eBay logo next to the order number. They can be treated the same as regular orders.

Expanded order details showing eBay as the source

You can view this order from the Live eBay Listings table (MarketingSell on eBay). Clicking the order number will take you to the order in the OrdersView page.

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