Integrating Interspire Email Marketer with BigCommerce

In order to integrate Interspire Email Marketer with BigCommerce, you must have a registered copy of the Interspire software running on a third-party hosted server.

BigCommerce does not offer hosting solutions for Interspire Email Marketer.

Getting Your Interspire XML API Credentials

1. Log into your Interspire Email Marketer account, then go to Users & GroupsView User Accounts.

The View User Accounts link.

2. Click Edit for the user whose account you would like to enable the API credentials on.

3. Click the Advanced User Settings tab, then check the box to the left of Yes, allow this user to use the XML API.

The Advanced Users tab settings.

4. Your XML API credentials will be shown below. If there is no XML Token listed, click the Regenerate XML API Token link to create one.

The Regenerate Token link.

5. Click Save.

The Save button.

6. Click Edit for the user whose account you just saved, then click the Advanced User Settings tab. Keep this screen open as you will need your XML API details to complete the next steps.

Enabling Interspire Email Marketer

1. Log into your BigCommerce store, then go to Marketing › Email Marketing.

2. Select Interspire Email Marketer from the list of Email Integration Providers, then click Save.

Check the box for Interspire Email Marketer

3. Click the Interspire Email Marketer tab at the top of the page.

4. Copy and paste your Interspire Email Marketer XML API details from your Interspire account into the empty fields, then click Verify API Details.

If successful, you will see the following message displayed at the top of your screen: Your Interspire Email Marketer API details are valid. You can now setup your integration with Interspire Email Marketer using the options below.

Interspire Email Marketer Settings

Subscription Rules and Settings

In order to configure the Interspire Email Marketer integration subscription rules and settings, you must first create lists in your Interspire account for your customers to be added to. For more information on creating lists, see the Interspire Email Marketer User Guide.

Once you have set up mailing lists in Interspire Email Marketer, you can use subscription rules to determine which lists your customers are added to.

Newsletter Subscription Rules

When someone subscribes on your storefront, you can choose to Add or Remove them from any of your Interspire Email Marketer lists.

The Newsletter Subscription rules.

Click the green plus (+) to add a new rule, the red minus (-) to delete a rule, and the paper icon to copy a rule.

New Customer Subscription Rules

When someone orders:

  • anything in your store
  • from this category (choose a category)
  • from this brand (choose a brand)
  • this specific product (choose the product)

You can either add or remove them from any of your lists in Interspire Email Marketer.

The New Customer rules.

Click the green plus (+) to add a new rule, the red minus (-) to delete a rule, and the paper icon to copy a rule.

Syncing order fields will allow Interspire Email Marketer to match certain information provided by the customer to particular contact fields in Interspire Email Marketer.

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