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Integrating Infusionsoft with BigCommerce

The Infusionsoft app allows you to integrate Infusionsoft directly with your BigCommerce store. Infusionsoft is a leading customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation platform focused on small business. Convert more customers by leveraging automated sales and marketing campaigns, saving you time and money to grow your business.



The Infusionsoft app allows you to quickly and easily transfer your contacts, orders and products into Infusionsoft. The integration handles the following for you, automatically:

  • syncs products, orders, and customer data between BigCommerce and Infusionsoft
  • applies tags to each customer (allowing you to automate follow up tasks based on products purchased)


  • You must have an Infusionsoft account.
  • Your Infusionsoft account must have the e-commerce module enabled.

Connecting the Infusionsoft App

Use the following steps to install and connect the Infusionsoft app.

1. Go to AppsMarketplace.

2. Search for Infusionsoft and click on the title.

Infusionsoft app

3. Click Install.

Infusionsoft install button

4. You will be asked to grant the Infusionsoft app permission to integrate with your store. Click Confirm to continue.

Infusionsoft confirm button

5. Click Connect to Infusionsoft to sign in to your Infusionsoft account.

Infusionsoft connect link

6. Select which Infusionsoft product you'd like the app to access. Click Allow to continue.

Infusionsoft allow button

7. The app will present the following settings:

  • Store Code — if you're using multiple stores, this is used to identify which BigCommerce store an order originated from

    Store code setting

  • Product/Coupon/Customer Group Tag Category — tags can be automatically created and assigned to a contact when an order is transferred to Infusionsoft

    Category tag settings

  • Enable Sync — this setting can be used to enable or disable the Infusionsoft sync

    Enable Sync setting

8. Once the above settings have been configured, click Apply to complete setup.


Getting Help

Get a personalized demo from an expert or contact the Infusionsoft team through the following channels.

  • Phone
    • USA/Canada: +1-866-800-0004 Ext. 2 (Mon-Fri 6AM - 5PM MST)
    • UK: +44-(0)-808-258-0093 (Mon-Fri 6AM - 5PM MST)
    • AUS: +61-1-800-730-419 (Mon-Fri 6AM - 5PM MST)
  • Support: Infusionsoft Support


How frequently do orders sync?

Orders sync from BigCommerce to Infusionsoft within 15 minutes of the order being placed.

Can I sync multiple stores to a single Infusionsoft account?

Yes. You will need to install and configure the Infusionsoft app in each of your BigCommerce stores using a different Store Code for each one. The Store Code value is included in the Order Title when orders are synced to Infusionsoft making it easy to identify the origin of your orders.

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