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Integrating Apps with Stencil Themes

Most apps currently available in the app marketplace work with Stencil and will require no extra code. Apps that handle backend store functions such as QuickBooks Online and ShipperHQ work natively with your theme.

However, some apps may have extra steps to make them compatible. For apps that require additional code, instructions should be included in the setup. If instructions are not provided, use the suggestions below for best placement.

Questions regarding an app’s instructions should be directed to the partner who supplies the app.


Did you know? The apps listed here have been tested and confirmed to work with Stencil themes, but this is not a comprehensive list of all apps that work with Stencil.

Analytics and Tracking Scripts

Apps that provide analytics or tracking or both will require their scripts to be placed in the header or checkout page.

The Tracking Code text area found in the Google Analytics tab can be used to inject code into your theme's header. Additionally, the Conversion Tracking Code text area found in Affiliate Conversion Tracking can be used to add code into your store's checkout and order confirmation pages.

See Setting Up Google Analytics and Passing Order Data to Affiliate Programs for more information.

Tracking Code text area

These apps work with Stencil if you paste the code into the tracking code text areas:

Apps That Need an Edited Theme

Some apps may require their code be placed onto specific pages. The Stencil Theme Editor can be used to access the specific template files using an in-browser editor. See Editing Stencil Theme Files for more information.

Stencil Theme Editor

The apps listed here will work by editing a Stencil theme:


Don't feel comfortable adjusting your design? Check out our Partner Directory or ask a question in the Ask a Design Partner Community Group for assistance.

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