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Installing the Rebillia app

The Rebillia Platform is a fully PCI compliant app that provides tools and systems to enhance your store usability and customer experience. With Rebillia, you effectively eliminate the friction of entering credit card information, allowing customers to use their saved cards for future purchases, subscribe to their favorite products and send them automatic recommendation emails according to their purchase history.



Rebillia offers two main payment solution systems: Credit Card Vaulting and Recurring Orders.

Credit card vaulting will help eliminate checkout friction by allowing customers to use saved credit cards for future purchases. Recurring orders can be used to set up a seamless and customizable subscription system for regularly purchased products or a "product of the month" service.

Their newest offering REmail Campaigns helps you maximize your customers' life time value (LTV) by setting up automatic email retargeting according to their purchase history. See the Rebillia Platform Overview to learn more.



  • Store checkout type must be: Single page express checkout or Custom one-page checkout.
  • Stores using a dedicated SSL must have Site-wide HTTPS set to Use HTTPS for entire site.
  • You must be using one of the following payment gateways:

Connecting the Rebillia App

Use the following steps to install the Rebillia app into your BigCommerce store.

1. Go to AppsMarketplace.

2. Locate and select Rebillia Platform.

Rebillia app

3. Click Install.

Rebillia install button

4. You will be asked to grant the Rebillia Platform app permission to integrate with your store. Click Confirm to continue.

Rebillia confirm button

5. You will now be asked to choose a plan and create a trial.


Rebillia Support

Schedule a demo with an expert for live step by step help or connect with the Rebillia team through the following channels.

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