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Installing the Rebillia app

Rebillia: Saved Credit Card is a fully PCI compliant software that saves your shoppers credit card information. With Rebillia, you easily eliminate the friction of entering credit card information, which will improve customer retention and boost conversion rate.

What does the Rebillia app do?

Rebillia enhances your checkout and account page, allowing customers to save credit cards for future purchases. Customers who have created an account with your store will be able to delete saved credit card information through a Manage Payment Options menu add-on.

Along with the checkout integration, Rebillia brings gateway functionality through the app dashboard, such as:

  • partially refunding orders
  • tracking the history of any transaction made for any order
  • ability to bulk charge (for authorize-only users) authorized orders, with the option to partially charge each one
  • seeing full order information from a declined order and determine the reason for the decline
  • voiding mistaken refunds (available only before the refund is settled)


Connecting the Rebillia App

Use the following steps to install the Rebillia app into your BigCommerce store.

1. Go to AppsMarketplace.

2. Locate and select Rebillia.

Rebillia app

3. Click Install.

Rebillia install button

4. You will be asked to grant the Rebillia: Saved Credit Card app permission to integrate with your store. Click Confirm to continue.

Rebillia confirm button

5. You will now be asked to choose a plan and create a trial.

Getting Help

Schedule a demo with an expert for live step by step help or connect with the Rebillia team through the following channels.

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