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Installing the QuickBooks Online App

The QuickBooks Online app (powered by OneSaas) is a free BigCommerce app that integrates your store with your QuickBooks Online account. This app can help save you time, effort, and errors by automating your bookkeeping. Its features include:

  • automatically syncing orders, products, customers, taxes, discounts, refunds, and shipping charges
  • accurately recording sales income, tax, refunds, discounts, and shipping
  • automatic payments reconciliation*

*QuickBooks Online can automatically troubleshoot transactions when paired with QuickBooks Payments.



Before setting up the QuickBooks Online app, please make sure you have the following set up in your BigCommerce account and QuickBooks Online account. (If you don't already have a QuickBooks Online account, you can create a trial.)

BigCommerce Settings

  • Payment methods should be set up. If these change later, you can resync them with QuickBooks Online.
  • Taxes should be set up. If you are using Avalara, make sure there are no tax rates set up when Avalara is disabled, or else these will be synched with QuickBooks Online.
  • Have SKUs on your products? QuickBooks Online references products by SKU instead of name. If your products do not have SKUs, QuickBooks Online will create them.

How QuickBooks Online displays product SKUs


Will QuickBooks Online use my product names? Yes. The product's name will appear under the Sales Description field in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online Settings

  • Set up your Taxes (In the navigation bar, click Sales Tax. If Payroll is enabled, click TaxesSales Tax)
  • Set up your Chart of Accounts (Gear iconChart of Accounts under Your Company)
  • Enable Shipping and Discount (Gear iconAccount and Settings under Your CompanySalesSales form content)
  • Enable Track Quantity on Hand (Gear iconAccount and Settings under Your CompanySalesProducts and services)

Did you know that QuickBooks Online can show you a list of accountants in your area? Check it out under HelpFind an accountant.


Connecting the QuickBooks Online app

Once you've completed the prerequisite setup, you can install and connect the QuickBooks Online app.

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Store Setup › Accounting.

2. Next to QuickBooks Online, click Install.

Installing the QuickBooks Online app

3. Click Confirm to allow QuickBooks Online to access your BigCommerce store.

Confirm access

4. You will now be asked to connect with your QuickBooks Online account. If you don't already have one, you will be prompted to create a trial. Click Connect, and proceed through the QuickBooks Online Setup Walkthrough.

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