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Connecting with PayPal Express


Deprecated: This gateway is no longer available to set up for new stores. If you have a new store, we recommend using PayPal (PayPal Commerce Platform).

PayPal Express gives your shoppers the ability to pay for their order with their PayPal account. Shoppers without a PayPal account can also use a credit/debit card to pay. When enabled, PayPal Express displays a dedicated PayPal button on the cart and quick cart pages. PayPal Express also supports Smart Buttons, so additional PayPal-supported payment methods (like Venmo) will automatically appear for shoppers who have them set up.

PayPal buttons appearing on the Quick Cart page

Our PayPal integration features in-context checkout, which allows your shoppers to log in to PayPal and pay without ever leaving your store. Billing and shipping details are automatically filled out for shoppers from the information they have saved in PayPal. Customers can also pay via credit and debit card without having to log into PayPal directly.

PayPal Express also supports PayPal One Touch, which lets repeat customers stay logged in to PayPal, so they don't have to log in every time they buy. These features allow shoppers to spend less time in the checkout process, making it more likely for them to complete their order.


Setting up PayPal Express

1. Go to Store SetupPayments.

2. Click Online Payment Methods.

3. Scroll down and click Set up next to PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal Express Set up

4. You will be brought to a PayPal Express Checkout Settings tab. Click Connect with PayPal to set up or log into your existing PayPal account.

Connect with PayPal

5. You will be asked to grant BigCommerce permission to connect to your PayPal account. Click Grant Permission to continue.

6. You will be redirected to your PayPal Express Checkout Settings tab in BigCommerce. Click Save to complete setup.

You will notice a Sandbox email address field and a Connect with PayPal Express Sandbox button.

PayPal sandbox connect button and email field

These can be used to connect your Sandbox PayPal business account, should you have one. The sandbox can be utilized as a testing environment without touching a live PayPal account. See, PayPal's PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide for more information.


Need to connect to a different account? Switching off PayPal Express Checkout will clear your account settings, allowing you to log in using a different email address.


Enabling PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit lets customers buy now and pay over time. This feature means that the shopper will owe the money to PayPal while you, the merchant, always get paid. To enable PayPal Credit as an option on the cart and checkout, go to Store SetupPayments.


This feature only works on Optimize One-Page Checkout. For PayPal Credit to show, make sure your checkout is set to Optimized One-Page Checkout.

1. Follow the steps above to enable PayPal Express

2. Click the PayPal Express tab.

3. Toggle Enable PayPal Credit.

Enable PayPal Credit

 The "Pay with PayPal Credit" banner will now appear as an option in the cart, during checkout and in the "add to cart" confirmation window. 

Checkout PayPal Credit



Which countries is PayPal Express supported in?

See PayPal's list of supported countries.

Why isn't my store showing In-Context Checkout?

Your store may still be showing the traditional PayPal window instead of the in-context window for one of the following reasons:

  • Your theme is supported by a party other than BigCommerce, and may not include the in-context experience by default.
  • You have made customizations to the cart page, specifically CartContent.html.

If your store is not displaying in-context PayPal Express, please contact your third-party theme designer or developer.

Can I change how my PayPal buttons look?

Yes. Stores using a Stencil theme can use Store Design to control how payment buttons look. For Cornerstone, this is located under the Payment Buttons section.

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