Importing Tracking Numbers

Importing tracking numbers for your orders is a great way to speed up your order fulfillment process. Instead of having to manually enter the tracking numbers on each order, which leaves room for human error, you can enter them on a spreadsheet (CSV) and use the import tool to associate them to the correct order.

Note that the import method currently will only work for orders with one shipping address. For orders with multiple shipping addresses, we recommend manually adding the tracking numbers through the control panel.

Creating an Import File

1. Using Excel or another spreadsheet editing software, create a blank CSV file. Note: If you prefer, you can download the following CSV file to see how an import file is correctly formatted.

2. The CSV file should have three columns: order_number, tracking_number, and tracking_carrier. Fill each column out with the following information.

  • order_number — should contain the order number for the order you are updating
  • tracking_number — the tracking number for the order
  • tracking_carrier — the code for the shipping and tracking service that provided the tracking number. The carrier can be any of the 300+ carriers we support.

Note: When the tracking carrier field is filled in, the shipment notification sent to the customer will link the tracking number to AfterShip's tracking status page.

Sample CSV headers

3. When done, save the file to your computer as a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file.

Shipping Service Codes

Use the codes provided below to select your tracking service. Our tracking number import supports over 300 shipping carriers. We've listed the codes for the most popular shipping carriers below. If yours is not on this list, see Tracking Carrier Codes for Importing Tracking Numbers.

  • USPS by Endicia — usps
  • UPS — ups
  • Fedex — fedex
  • Royal Mail — royalmail
  • Australia Post — auspost
  • Canada Post — canadapost

Importing Your File

1. Go to OrdersTracking Numbers.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under OrdersImport Tracking Numbers.

2. Select which order status the orders in your import file should be updated to. If you do not want the statuses to be changed, select Do Not Update.

Updated Order Status

3. Click Browse or Choose File, select your import file from your computer, then click Next.

4. On the following page, match each field to its corresponding column header. For example:

  • Match Order Number with order_number
  • Match Tracking Number with tracking_number
  • Match Tracking Carrier with tracking_carrier

Match Fields

Click Next when done.

5. Click the Start Import button. Once complete, you'll see a confirmation message indicating tracking numbers were successfully imported and updated.

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