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Using the Import Tool

Importing data via a spreadsheet back into your BigCommerce store will apply any adjustments you have made directly to that area of your business. Import is a great way to create new products, add customers to your registry, and make quick updates to inventory, prices, and other product details.

Our import tool uses CSV files to update your store's data. For more information about CSV files, see What is a CSV file and how do I save my spreadsheet as one?.

Uses for import include:

Importing a File from the Server

If your file is larger (over 100MB), we recommend importing your file from the server instead of directly through the control panel. This will increase the stability of the import process.

1. Connect to WebDAV and add your file to the import_files folder.

2. Begin the import process for your products, customers, or other data. When you get to the File Details section, select Use a file already on the server. Select your file from the drop-down that appears below. Continue your import process as usual.

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