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How long will it take for my domain change to happen?



When making DNS changes, it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be reflected globally. This is due to a process called propagation. The length of time it takes for this process to finish is known as propagation delay.

There are two parts to DNS changes:

  1. the initial DNS update in the registrar
  2. the changes updating throughout the web (propagation)

For DNS propagation to occur, your registrar's server communicates the update to the DNS servers nearest to it. Each of those servers then communicates the change to the servers nearest to them, and so forth. This propagation continues until every DNS server in the world has made the update.

As you've probably guessed, this means that there is a geographical component to how quickly you will see your DNS changes go through. If your registrar's servers are nearby, you will see the changes much more quickly than a customer living across the world. So although the changes can take up to 72 hours, it usually occurs within an hour or so — sometimes even less!

You can use this tool to check the progress of your domain. Be sure to change the record type to NS.

Diagram of DNS propagation checker.

Viewing Your Store During Propagation

If you have changed your store's domain but are still waiting for propagation to complete, you will need to use your store's permanent URL until your DNS changes have completed.

Your permanent URL can be found in your billing area, and was sent in an email when your store was first created. It uses the following format:

You can use this URL to preview your store until your DNS changes have fully propagated. In order to preview pages other than your homepage, add the end of the page URL that you are attempting to view after the .com in your permanent URL. For example, if your contact page's URL is, use to preview the page.

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