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Comparing Template Files (Blueprint)

The Compare template files feature on our legacy Blueprint Themes will allow you to view the current version of your file side-by-side with the version that is default on the server. This file is Read-Only which means changes can be viewed but no edits can be made. It can be a helpful debug tool or guide for customizing. 

To access the compare view, go to Storefront › Templates Files. On the file you wish to compare to the default version, click ActionCompare. The two files will load with the server version on the left, and your version on the right.

In the side-by-side view, there will be a series of colored highlights which will point out differences between the two files. The red highlight means that something has been deleted in the current file contents that was originally present in the default version. Green highlights mean that something has been added to the current file, it usually occurs when you have added a space.

The compare template files screen.

You can change the way that the files are viewed in this comparison by changing the options in the blue bar at the top.

View controls for the compare template files feature.

Remember, this is a non-editable screen, so you will still need to make any changes to your template files through WebDAV or Accessing and Customizing Template Files (Blueprint). However, this can be an invaluable tool that will help you replace any standard template file content, or debug any issues you may come across while customizing your store.

When you're done with the compare screen, simply close it and you should be placed back onto your control panel.

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