How do I transfer products from one store to another?

To transfer your products from one BigCommerce store to another, you will need to create a custom export template , then export your products from store A and then import them into store B. Please know that there are some things that cannot be transferred:

  • Bulk discount pricing
  • Configurable fields (custom fields will transfer)
  • Option set rules (option rules will transfer)
  • Options without any rules/SKUs attached

Creating a Custom Export Template

1. In Store A's control panel, click on Advanced SettingsExport Templates.

2. Click the Choose an Action drop-down next to the Bulk Edit template and select Create a Copy.

Create a copy of the Bulk Edit template

3. Rename the copy to Transfer Products (or something to that effect).

Rename your template copy

4. Click on the Products tab at the top of the page.

Products tab in the Edit Export Template screen

5. Uncheck the following fields:

  • Product ID
  • Product Image ID (under the Product Images section)
  • Product Image Path (under the Product Images section)

6. Check Product Image URL (under the Product Images section).

7. Change the name next to Product Image URL to Product Image File. This is case-sensitive and cannot have any blank spaces before or after.

8. Save your changes.

Exporting from Store A

1. Go to ProductsExport.

2. For Template, choose your custom export file.

3. Click Continue.

4. A pop-up will appear. Click Export my products to a CSV File.

5. You will see a progress bar as your products are generated. When it is complete, click Download my Products File. It will save to the location preset in your browser, normally the Downloads folder.

Importing to Store B

1. In Store B's control panel, click on ProductsImport.

2. Check the box next to Bulk Edit Re-import?.

3. Next to Import File, click Choose File (or Browse) and select your exported product file. Click Next.

4. Click Next again, then Start Import.

5. When your file finishes importing, click View import products to see your products. Review them to make sure all of their data has come over.

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