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Enabling Disqus for Product Reviews (Blueprint)

Disqus is a commenting system that allows users to leave comments on products, news (blog) posts, and web pages. This feature only works with Blueprint Themes.

This article assumes that you already have a Disqus account. If you don't, create one now.


Using a Stencil theme? Check out the Getting Started with Stencil area in the BigCommerce Community for information on working with Stencil and comment integrations.


Getting the Disqus Code

1. Log in to Disqus.

2. Click on the arrow beside your user in the top right, and choose My Home from the drop-down.

3. Click on the arrow beside your username in the top right, and choose Add Disqus to site.

Add Disqus to Site selected from drop-down

4. Fill out your store's name, Disqus URL, and the category. Click Finish registration.

5. Under Choose your platform, select Universal Code.

6. Copy the code from the first box.

First code box from Disqus


Adding the Disqus code into BigCommerce

1. In your BigCommerce control panel, go to SettingsAdvanced SettingsComments.

2. Select Disqus Comments, then Save.

3. Click the Disqus Comments tab that appears.

Disqus Comments tab

4. Select which types of page you want to enable Disqus comments for, and which individual web pages.

5. Paste your code from Disqus in the Disqus Code box.

Disqus Settings

6. Click Save. Your customers may now use Disqus on your store.

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