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Setting Up Australia Post

Australia Post provides postal services originating from Australia, delivering Australia-wide and to over 190 countries worldwide. Providing real-time shipping quotes with Australia Post is available only to merchants who ship from Australia. You’ll first need to set up your shipping origin and create a shipping zone in your Shipping Setup.


Creating an Australia Post account

1. Create an Australia Post account.

Account creation

2. You will receive an email containing the API key. Copy the provided API key.

Account creation email with API key


Enabling Australia Post

Make sure your shipping origin lists Australia and uses a valid postal code before setting up the Australia Post integration.

1. Go to Store SetupShipping, then click Configure.

Configure button beside the Australia shipping zone

2. Click Connect next to Australia Post under Real-time shipping quotes.

Connect button next to the Australia Post shipping method in shipping zone details

3. Under the Settings tab, enter a display name (such as "Australia Post") and select at least one Delivery service.

Australia Post settings tab

4. Under the Connection tab, paste your API Auth Key, then click Submit.

Australia Post connection tab

5. Your Australia Post integration is now set up. The Quote tab lets you test your connection and get a quote. Enter your destination country, state, and zip code, followed by your package weight, value, and dimensions. Click Get quote, and you will see a shipping quote for all valid services.

Australia Post quote tab



Australia Post Support

Australia Post’s support site is a good resource for finding information pertaining to your individual account, as well as for finding top answers to common service questions.

Australia Post Size and Weight Guidelines

DestinationMaximum weightMinimum lengthMaximum dimensions
Domestic22kg105cm0.25 cubic meters
International20kg105cm140cm girth

Domestic shipments are charged either by actual weight, or cubic weight (dimensional weight), whichever is greater. International shipments are charged only by actual weight.

Australia Post explains the formula for determining cubic weight for domestic parcels and determining girth for international parcels, and also provide a handy printable guide.

Service Specifics

Australia Post provides a comparison of their different domestic and international services, which can help you decide which services are the right fit for you, your products, and your customers.

Tools and Extra Resources

The postage & delivery calculator Australia Post offers can generate estimated prices and time estimates for parcels sent in Australia and overseas.

If you need to find a nearby post office to drop off the package, Australia Post lets you search by branch and by the services you specifically need from that branch.

See Australia Post for hints and tips on preparing your items for shipping, including specific advice for packaging fragile, perishable, crushable and sharp items.

If you need boxes, tubes or satchels to pack orders, you can purchase shipping supplies directly from Australia Post’s website and Post Offices.


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