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Pointing Your Homestead Domain to Your BigCommerce Powered Store

Changing Your BigCommerce Store's Domain

1. Go to Server SettingsDomain Name. You will be brought to the Domain Name area.

2. Select Use an existing domain name.

The Use an existing domain name option.

3. Enter your domain name under Enter your existing domain name. If using a subdomain for your store, the full subdomain must be entered in the first text box, as in the example below.

The Enter your Domain Name fields.

4. Click Use Domain.

5. Copy the web address to the right of Canonical Name, and save it for later use. You will need this specific URL in order to create the subdomain in your Homestead account.

Temp URL Example.

If you receive the error "The domain name you entered is already in use by another BigCommerce store", your domain may have already been applied to your store. Return to the control panel, refresh the page, then click View Store to check the URL.

Configuring a CNAME in Your Homestead Account

1. Log in to your Homestead account.

2. Click Domains in the navigation on the left side of the screen.

The Domains link.

3. Scroll down to your domain. Click the Advanced DNS settings link in the Domain Control section.

The Advanced DNS Settings link.

4. Click Edit.

The Edit button.

5. Scroll down to the section labeled CNAMES, and locate the stores record.

6. Remove the URL in the Points To column, and replace it with your BigCommerce store's Canonical URL, copied in step 5 of the previous section.

CNAME record example.

7. Click Submit.

The Submit button.

8. You will be asked to confirm all the changes. Click Submit.

The second Submit button.

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