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Creating and Submitting a Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso Product Feed

Connexity (formerly Shopzilla, Inc.) is a shopping comparison service that allows you to submit your products to be searched on the Shopzilla, Bizrate, and Beso websites. It is a pay-per-click service, and you must fund your Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso account with a minimum $100 pre-paid deposit to pay for the fees associated with their services.


Exporting Your Products to a Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso Feed

1. Go to MarketingShopping Comparison Sites.

2. Check the box marked Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso, then click Save.

3. Before generating your feed, you'll need to map your categories. Go to ProductsProduct Categories.

4. Check the box next the category you want to map, then select Bulk Update Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso Category from the Choose an Action dropdown. If you have categories similar to each other, you can select more than one at a time to map to the same Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso category.

Category checked and "Bulk Update Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso Category" selected in the Choose an Action dropdown

5. Navigate the Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso category structure to find the category that most closely matches your store's category, then click Choose This Category. Repeat for each category you want to include in your feed.

6. Once you've mapped your categories, return to MarketingShopping Comparison Sites.

7. Click the Bizrate/Shopzilla/Beso tab, then click Regenerate Feed.

8. You'll receive a confirmation message that your feed was generated. Click Download Feed File to save it to your computer's hard drive.


Include Product In Feed

Once set up, you can specify which shopping comparison feeds you want each of your products included in. When adding or editing a product, go to the Shopping Comparison section under the Other Details tab.


Submitting Your Feed

1. Log in to your Connexity account (formerly Shopzilla) . If you don't have one, you can register one for free.

2. Click Manage Listings, then Submit & Update Your Product Listings Datafeed.

3. Click Submit My Feed.

4. Keep Create a Connexity FTP location for me (Recommended) selected, enter feed_shoppingcomparison_bizrate.txt in the Filename field, then click Next.

Create a Connexity FTP location using the Filename feed_shoppingcomparison_bizrate.txt

5. Use the credentials on the next screen to connect to Connexity's (Shopzilla's) FTP server and upload the feed file you downloaded in the previous section. Once uploaded, return to Connexity and click Validate.

If you need an FTP program, we recommend Cyberduck or Filezilla.

6. Once you've successfully validated your feed file, you'll need to contact Connexity to activate your account.

You can also contact Connexity via email at to activate your account. Be sure to include your Website URL and Merchant ID number, which can be found in your Connexity account. If you contact via Connexity's website, those details tied to your account should automatically be included.


Updating Your Feed

To update your feed, regenerate and export it, then re-upload it to your Connexity FTP location, as outlined in the previous sections.

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