How do I change the available numbers inside my quantity drop-down menu? (Blueprint)

These instructions only apply to our free, legacy Blueprint Themes that have not been customized. The BigCommerce Support Team is not able to assist with issues that occur after applying changes to a previously customized theme. We strongly recommend backing up your current theme customizations before making any changes. See BigCommerce Design Policy for more avenues for help.

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The quantity drop-down menu on your product page is controlled by the CartItemQtySelect.html snippet. You can edit this file to customize the numbers that show inside the quantity drop-down box. This is a good way to increase the values in the drop-down from the default 30. 


Be careful! Any changes you make to this snippet will affect all products.

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront Design › My Themes, then click on Edit HTML/CSS.

Edit HTML/CSS link

2. In the list of Other Template Files on the left, locate CartItemQtySelect.html.

Other Template Files links.

Use Ctrl F or Command F to quickly locate template files in the list.

3. In the code to the right, you will see several lines using the following format:

<option %%GLOBAL_Quantity#%% value="#">#</option>

Code example.

Each line contains the following values:

  • %%Global_Quantity#%% - controls the order of the quantity drop-down options in the menu (we recommend not changing it)
  • value="#" - determine the quantity added to the cart when that option is selected
  • # - the number or phrase actually displayed in the menu

4. Change the following three values to your preferred value/display combination.


<option %%GLOBAL_Quantity500%% value="500">500</option>, your customers could choose the option of adding 500 items to their cart, and the cart would add 500 items if that option were selected.

Although these values should match, they do not have to. For example you could change the display to read "Set of 500", and it would add 500 of that item to the cart.

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