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Setting up the PayPal Auto-Return URL

This page references PayPal Website Payments Standard, which is deprecated and not available to most stores.

1. Log into your PayPal account.

2. Click the Profile icon to the right of the page next to the Log Out button.

Profile Button

NOTE:These instructions are based on PayPal's new user interface which you can move to by clicking the Switch to the new PayPal link at the top of the page.

3. Once the popup appears click Profile and settings.

4. On the left click My selling tools from the menu.

5. Click Update to the right of Website Preferences.

6. Under Auto Return for Website Payments, select On.

Auto Return: on

7. For the following step you will need to use your store's secure URL. To locate this, log in to your BigCommerce control panel and look at the URL in your browser bar.

If you have not installed a private SSL, your URL will look similar to this:

Shared SSL

If this is your URL's format, paste in the Return URL box on PayPal. Remember to replace the store-###### with your own URL.

Return URL in PayPal

If you have installed a private SSL certificate, your URL will look more like a regular domain name:

Dedicated SSL

In this case, paste in the Return URL box on PayPal. Remember to replace with your actual domain.

Sample URL posted into auto-return box

8. Save your changes.

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