Using Olark Live Chat

Our integration with Olark allows you to start accepting live chats from your customers with minimal setup. oLark allows you to respond to your customers via G Suite (formerly Google Apps), Gtalk, Adium, and other IM clients. Follow the steps below to set up Olark in BigCommerce.

1. Go to Advanced Settings Live Chat.

2. Select Olark and click Save.

3. Click the Olark tab.

Olark settings

4. If you don't have an Olark account already, select I don't have an Olark account and would like to create one, then follow the provided instructions to create an account and copy the Olark code. If you already have an account, select I have an existing Olark account that I'd like to use. Follow the instructions to find your Olark code.

5. Copy the code in full.

6. Paste the code into the Chat Code text box, then Save. (If you had previously selected that you needed to create an account, you will first need to select I have an existing Olark account that I'd like to use).

7. You will now need to return to Olark to select which program you want to use to receive chats. See Olark's Chat clients.

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