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Adding Live Chat to Your Store

If you're not offering live chat as a customer support channel, you're missing an opportunity to get to know your customers. Live chat allows your customers to connect with you without leaving your website and is quickly becoming one of the most popular support channels.

Chatting with your customers in real time can help you understand their pain points and help improve sales by assisting them through the purchase experience. Use the steps below to learn how to add a live chat service to your store.


Locating the Chat Code

The location of the chat code will differ depending on which chat service you decide to use. However, most of them will require you to log into your account and copy the code, also known as a chat widget. You may find the code in a Settings menu under Widget, Tag or Get Code along with a code box with the actual code.

Olark Live Chat

Olark code

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat widget code

SnapEngage Live Chat

SnapEngage code

We have support articles for setting up some of our most popular live chat services, but be sure to check with your provider for up-to-date instructions.


Adding the Code to Your Store

Regardless of the service you choose to use, the code can be installed into your store by going to Advanced SettingsLive Chat. See Using LivePerson Live Chat or Installing Olark Live Chat for those options, otherwise select Other Third Pary Live Chat Service and click Save.

Live Chat Service options

Click the new tab that appears and paste the code you copied from your live chat service into the Live Chat Code box.

Live Chat Code box

Don't forget to choose the position of the live chat box to appear on your store. By default, it will be set to the side of the page, but you can instead have the box shown in the header of your store. Once you've made your selections, Save your changes.

Chat Box Location dropdown


Prefer not to install the code manually? Consider using one of the many live chat apps available in our Apps Marketplace. You will find many of the popular options such as Olark, Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) and LiveChat.

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