How do I add Zopim live chat to my site?

Zopim is a live chat service that you can integrate with your BigCommerce store. It uses an embedded widget on your webpage that you control from your Zopim Dashboard. Please see the Zopim site for more information on their product and sign up for an account. These instructions will walk you through the set up process for getting the widget onto your site.

Locating the Chat Widget on Zopim

1. Log in to your Zopim dashboard

2. Click on Widget under Settings in the left-hand navigation panel.  You will see a text box with your code in it. 
Zopim Dashboard

If you want to change the appearance of the chatbox or limit countries chat is available in, use the Appearance, Settings, and Widget Security buttons along the top of the page. You will want to do this before copying the code.

3. Copy the code under Embed the New Chat Widget.

Adding the widget to BigCommerce

Where you paste the code will depend on the Theme your store uses.


Which theme do I have? Stencil themes are our newest themes, while Blueprint themes are our legacy themes. Learn more at Themes & Design Overview .

Blueprint Theme Setup

If you are using a Blueprint theme, follow these steps to set up Live Chat.

1. In your BigCommerce control panel, go to Advanced SettingsLive Chat.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsLive chat.

2. Check the box next to Other Third Party Live Chat Service, then click Save.

Other live chat services

3. Click on the Other Third Party Live Chat Service tab at the top of the page.

Other live chat services tab

4. Paste the widget code from Zopim into the box labeled Live Chat Code.

Live chat code box containing the Zopim widget

5. Change Chat Box Location to At the top of the page.

Chat box location is set to At the top of the page

6. Save your changes.

Stencil Theme Setup

If you are using a Stencil theme, follow these steps to set up Live Chat.

1. Go to Storefront Design › Design Options, then click the Scripts tab.
Script Box

2. Paste the code for the widget into the text area labeled Footer.

3. Click Save to apply the script to your store.

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