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How do I add SnapEngage live chat to my site?

SnapEngage is a live chat software that you can integrate with your store. There is no need to install any software. It is connected with a small bit of code that can be controlled from your SnapEngage dashboard. You can customize everything, from the chat window to the buttons for help, chat, and contact.

SnapEngage is used by thousands of companies around the world including top brands like PBS, Wacom, and Hootsuite. Visit their site for more information on their product and sign up for an account.


Locating the SnapEngage code

Log into your SnapEngage admin panel. Go to Settings › Get the code. Copy the provided code. You can click the Copy to Clipboard button.

The SnapEngage code screen.


Adding the code to BigCommerce

1. Go to Advanced SettingsLive Chat, check the box next to Other Third Party Live Chat Service and click Save.

Other Third Party Live Chat Service option

2. Click the Other Third Party Live Chat Service tab that appears at the top of the page.

Other Third Party Live Chat Service tab

3. Paste your live chat code in the Live Chat Code box and click Save. By default, the chat button/window will display in the bottom right corner of your storefront. You can change the actual location of the live chat box on your page under the Style tab on the SnapEngage admin panel.

Chat code box

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