Using LivePerson Live Chat

LivePerson LiveEngage is an integration that allows your shoppers to open a chat window on your store to talk to a support person. You can follow the steps below to add LivePerson live chat to your store.

If you don't have a LivePerson account, please create one before starting the steps below.

Finding Your LiveEngage Tag

1. Log into your LivePerson account.

2. Click the arrow beside your username in the top right corner, and select LiveEngage Tag.

"LiveEngage Tag" highlighted in the dropdown menu under the username

3. Click Select and copy the code.

Select Tag

Connecting with LivePerson

1. Go to Advanced SettingsLive Chat.

2. Select LivePerson, then Save.

3. Select the LivePerson tab.

4. Select I have an existing LivePerson account that I'd like to use. Follow the instructions in Finding Your LiveEngage Tag to get your chat code.

5. Enter your LiveEngage Tag into the LivePerson Button field.

LivePerson settings

6. Save your changes. Your LivePerson chat will now be up and running.

Now that you've connected LivePerson live chat, check out their support guides on using LiveChat and recommended best practices.

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