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Limiting Product Accessibility

Please note that when using this method your products will still show up in search and in panels such as the "New Products" panel. Consider using Customer Groups if you need advanced product and customer segmentation.


Creating a Hidden Category

1. Go to ProductsProduct Categories, then click Create a Category.

2. Name the category and fill in any additional information you wish.

3. Save your changes and you will be brought back to the Categories page.

4. Hide the category by clicking the green checkmark under the Visible in Menu? column for your newly created category.

5. A pop-up will display asking you to confirm your choice; click OK.  You will then be taken back to the category list, where the green checkmark has now changed to a red x.
Category "Visible in Menu" setting


Creating a Product in the Hidden Category

1. Go to ProductsAdd.

2. Give your product a Name and a Price then put it in the hidden category (don't put it in any other categories).

3. Finish creating your product and click Save & Exit.

If you already have a product that you want to put into this category, you can simply edit it and place it only in the hidden category.

4. To check that the product is still visible, you can click ActionView to be taken to the hidden product page.
"View" in the action menu next to a product in the View Products screen

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