Managing Storage

How Much Storage and Bandwidth Do I Get?

Storage and bandwidth are unlimited across all plans*.

*This reflects the most current pricing on Bigcommerce. If you were grandfathered with an older pricing plan, please check with your sales account representative for details.

What counts toward my storage space?

Storage is the total sum of the data used by your store. This includes the following:

  • product, customer & order data
  • product images
  • downloadable product files
  • content uploaded by shoppers via configurable fields
  • email on accounts hosted by Bigcommerce
  • files uploaded to your store's WebDAV directory
  • modified template files

How can I decrease the amount of storage I'm using?

Proceed with caution when deleting data from your store. We always recommend backing up your data before making changes.

Product, customer, and order data

The database portion of your storage consists of the sum of your store's information, including data about your products, customers, and orders. Most people find this information to be crucial to their business operations and view it as the last place to "trim the fat", but there are a few steps you can take with proper preparation:

  • Delete products that you no longer offer.
  • Delete orders more than a year old, especially if you have your order data stored in a separate location such as Quickbooks, Stone Edge, or another accounting software.


Keeping copies of your email message on the server will quickly add to your storage.

  • Edit your email account in the Bigcommerce control panel and enter a storage limit.
  • Switch from IMAP to POP3 (this will delete mail from the server when retrieved, but will store the email only on the device retrieving it).
  • Host your email with a third-party such as Google Apps, Yahoo, or GoDaddy.


The images portion of your storage contains the original version of all of your product images.

  • Optimize your product images before uploading them using the built-in optimization of image editors like Adobe Photoshop or free online tools like Kraken.


The Other section contains content such as custom template modifications, files in the content folder or import folders of WebDAV, and files customers have uploaded through Upload File product options.

  • Clear out the product_images/import folder in WebDAV -- once you've uploaded your CSV, a copy of each image here was placed in the product_images directory, so the originals are unnecessary.
  • Clear out customer-uploaded files for fulfilled orders in /product_images/configured_products.See How do I delete customers' uploaded files? for more information.

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