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Giving Customers a Store Credit

Offering your customers store credit can be a great way of improving customer retention. Store credit can be issued right from the control panel to customers who’ve created an account. Although offering store credit doesn’t suit every business, there are certain advantages. Store credit can be given:

  • to reward customers for their business
  • to encourage sales during certain periods
  • to offer compensation for a poor experience

Giving Customers Store Credit

Go to CustomersView, and locate the customer you would like to give store credit. Enter the amount of credit to be applied to the customer's account in the Store Credit column, then click Save.

Store Credit in the View Customers screen


Paying with Store Credit

To apply store credit to an order when checking out, a customer must first log in to their account. Once logged in, they will see their available store credit listed in the top menu bar of your homepage or on their account page. This may vary from theme to theme.

Top menu bar example:

Store credit shown in the top menu bar

Account example:

Store credit shown in the account menu

When the customer goes to check out, they will be given the option to use their store credit to pay for their order or to use an alternative payment method and save their store credit for a future purchase.

Store credit checkout option

Checkout showing store credit being used:

Checkout showing store credit being used



Will the customer be notified when credit is applied?

Applying credit to a customer's account does not automatically notify them that they have received the credit.

Can store credit be used with manual orders?

Store credit cannot be applied when creating manual orders in the control panel. If necessary, you may apply a discount to the order, then manually update the customer's store credit amount after processing the order.

Can orders paid with store credit be refunded?

Store credit is not automatically returned when an order paid with store credit is manually placed in a Cancelled or Refunded status. You will want to proceed with the refund process, and select Store Credit as the refund method. This will automatically add the refunded amount to the customer's account as store credit and update the order status to Refunded or Partially Refunded.

Are there other methods to award store credit?

A loyalty app can be used as an alternative to store credit. We have a variety to choose from in our app marketplace.

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