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Getting Your Catalog Ready for Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop lets you feature your store's products directly on your Facebook business page. Before enabling Facebook Shop for your BigCommerce store, you should familiarize yourself with the necessary product and store settings requirements.

Product Requirements

Certain product attributes are required in order to successfully sync to Facebook Shop. These include:

  • Your products must be approved by Facebook.
  • Must be marked "visible" to show as available on Facebook. Products marked not visible will still sync, but will be marked as "hidden" in your Facebook admin.
  • Must be a physical product (not downloadable)
  • Must have an image
  • Must have a description
  • Must not have a price of $0.00
  • Must not have a price longer than 9 digits
  • Must not have a product description in ALL CAPS
  • Must not be restricted by Facebook policies
  • Product options must be required (base product without the option will still sync if that option is not required)
  • Before submitting your application, your store must be launched and accessible (i.e. not Down for Maintenance) so Facebook can review your catalog for acceptance.
  • A maximum of 25,000 products is sent to Facebook Shop.

Removing the SKU from a product with option variants after the initial export to Facebook will sever BigCommerce's connection to that product, and subsequent updates for that product won't be synced to Facebook.


Notes about product visibility: Configuring your store's Inventory Settings to hide out of stock products does not affect a product's "visibility". Out of stock products will sync to Facebook as long as they are marked "visible".

Similarly, products in categories that have been hidden by customer groups are still "visible". These categories/collections can be marked as "Unpublished" in your Facebook Shop settings.

On your Facebook business page, go to Publishing Tools > Shop > Collections to hide entire collections/BigCommerce categories from Facebook

Products with Options

Facebook needs a product’s options to be required and assigned a SKU in order to show those options on your Shop page.

Required options in a Facebook Shop product listing

Products with options that are not required will still be synced to Facebook Shop collections, but will not include those options (only the base product will sync).

Products with options that are required but lack SKUs will not be synced to Facebook Shop (neither the base product nor variants).

Option Set Details highlighting required options

Required options as they appear in the Option Set Details. Note the astrisk next to the option name which specifies it as a required option.

Currency Support

To use Facebook Shop, your store's default currency must be included in Facebook's list of supported currencies.

Facebook Collections

Collections will be created for each top-level category in BigCommerce. Subcategories are not represented in Facebook Shop. 

For example, a product in the Women’s > Shoes > Flats category in BigCommerce will be added to the Women’s collection in Facebook Shop.

New collections can be created, and existing collections can be edited in Facebook. However, editing a collection in Facebook removes BigCommerce’s ability to sync data between the BigCommerce category and the Facebook Shop collection.

Facebook Checkout Requirements

You have the option of allowing customers to check out on your storefront, or directly on Facebook. Currently, only Facebook users in the United States are able to check out on Facebook.

In order to use Facebook Checkout you must have:

In addition, merchants who use Facebook Checkout must:

  • be able to consistently reply to customer service inquiries from customers on Facebook within 72 hours
  • be able to ship orders from Facebook within 5-7 business days

Troubleshooting | Products Failed to Export

Channel Manager Report

Once the initial setup for Facebook is complete, products that failed to export are reported in a CSV file in Channel Manager. This is helpful to determine which specific products failed to export and why.

Once corrections are saved to the products that failed to export, they will automatically begin syncing to your Facebook Shop page.

Link in Channel Manager to CSV containing which products failed to export to Facebook Shop

Example CSV data of products that failed to export to Facebook Shop
Sample CSV of products that failed to export to Facebook Shop

Store Logs

Following the initial product sync, your Store Logs will report any new or updated products that fail to export and provide reasons they were rejected.

Example Store Log event of a product added after the initial product sync failing to export
Example of a product failing to sync / export to Facebook Shop in the store's System Logs.

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