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Exporting Customers

Whether you're sending your customer data to a third-party software or just making backups, the Export Tool makes it easy to export your customer information with a few clicks.

Exporting Your Customers

1. Go to CustomersExport.

2. Select your export settings.

Export template and File Format Options

  • Template — We recommend Bulk Edit or a custom export template.
  • File Format — You can export your file as a CSV (recommended) or XML. You can only re-import CSV files, not XML or any other file type.
  • Save export to the server for later download? — Select this option to save the file to your exports folder in WebDAV (recommended for exporting 1000+ customers).

3. Click Continue, then click Export my customers to a CSV file.

Export Customers pop-up

4. When the file is ready for download, click Download my Customers file.

Download customer export pop-up

Choosing an Export Template

An export template determines specifically what customer information you're exporting. All export templates will include details like the customer's name and email address, but you can get more granular about other details. For a full list of exportable information, see the table of Exportable Fields.

BigCommerce comes with a few customer export templates built in:

  • Bulk Edit (recommended) — The bulk edit template was made for updating your customer information. It includes the majority of exportable fields, and has specifically named columns that let you skip steps in the importing process.
  • Default — The default template includes only basic product details such as name, weight, description and price.
  • MYOB — This template is specifically for exporting to MYOB accounting software
  • Peachtree — This template is specifically for exporting to Peachtree accounting software.

You can also create your own custom export template and select which of the exportable fields you want it to include.

Exportable Fields

The table below contains all exportable customer fields and whether they are included in the Bulk Edit template or need to be exported with a custom export template.

Export fieldDefinitionIncluded in Bulk Edit template?Example
Customer IDThe system-created unique ID for the customer Number
Customer NameThe customer's first and last name John Smith
EmailThe customer's email address
First NameThe customer's first name John
Last NameThe customer's last name Smith
CompanyThe company, if the customer orders on behalf of a business Acme, Inc.
PhoneCustomer's phone number 555-555-5555
NotesYour notes about the customer Customer is tax-exempt
Store CreditUse this to apply store credit for the customer to use when shopping. (This will allow the customer to pay with store credit.) 50 (uses your default currency; e.g. 50 = $50 if you are using USD)
Customer GroupAssigned customer group if using the Customer Group feature Retail
Date JoinedThe date the customer account was created 10/15/2015
AddressesContains the following fields:
Address NameThe full name associated with a particular address, can be different from the customer placing the order Sarah Jane Smith
Address IDThe unique system-created ID for the address Number
Address First NameThe first name associated with a particular address Sarah Jane
Address Last NameThe last name associated with a particular address Smith
Address CompanyThe company associated with a particular address Acme, Inc.
Address Line 1The first line with an address; normally contains street and house/housing complex number 123 Main St
Address Line 2The second line with an address; normally contains care of information and unit or building number Apartment 201
Address CityThe address' city Austin
Address StateThe address' state or province Texas
Address State AbbreviationThe abbreviated form of the address' state or province TX
Address ZipThe address zip or postal code 78726
Address CountryThe address country United States
Building typeThe address building type (commercial or residential). Used for shipping purposes. Residential or Commercial
Address State AbbreviationThe abbreviated form of the address' state or province TX
Address PhoneThe phone number associated with that address 555-555-5555
Form field responsesIf you created address form fields, your customers' responses will be included here Question: Where did you hear about us? Response: Online ad
Receive Review/Abandoned Cart Emails?Records whether the client opted in or out of receiving product review requests or abandoned cart emails 1 = Yes, 0 = No
Tax Exempt CategoryOnly used if you have linked your paid Avalara account. See tax exempt category code
Order CountThe number of orders the customer has placed Exportable only

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