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Enabling Stored Payment Methods

Having a payment method saved on their account allows your customers to safely and securely complete future purchases faster. It’s a convenient way for shoppers to get through the checkout process quickly and easily, improving conversions.

If your store is using the Cornerstone theme, customers can also add new cards, delete cards, select a default card, and edit the billing details of existing cards from their customer account area of your storefront. If you're using PayPal powered by Braintree, customers can also save their PayPal account details. Payment data is stored securely with the payment gateway.




Customer Experience

When a logged-in customer gets the payment section of checkout, they are given the option of saving their card or PayPal account for future purchases.

"Save this card for future transactions" highlighted on the storefront checkout screen

"Save this PayPal account" checkbox highlighted at checkout when a customer selects a payment method

The next time they go through checkout, they will be able to see and select saved cards or PayPal accounts when they get to the payment section.

Drop-down menu on the storefront checkout screen showing a returning shopper's previously saved cards

If your store is using Cornerstone (2.6 or higher) or other compatible theme, customers can also manage their stored payment methods from the Payment Methods tab of their storefront account area. They can see the existing methods they have on file, choose a method to be their default, update the billing address associated with credit cards, delete old cards, add new cards, and edit or delete stored PayPal accounts.


Not using Cornerstone? If you’re using a third-party or non-BigCommerce developed theme, ask your theme developer about updating their theme to support Stored Payment Methods.

The Payment Methods management screen for customers see when logged into their account on the storefront


Enabling Stored Credit Cards

To enable stored credit cards on your storefront, navigate to Store Setup › Payments and click the tab for your payment gateway. Toggle the switch to enable Stored Credit Cards and Save.

If you don’t see a toggle, make sure your store meets all of the requirements.

In order to use for stored credit cards, merchants will need to sign up for the Customer Information Manager in the Dashboard. To learn more, see What is the Customer Information Manager (CIM).

Set Require CVV to Yes. A CVV number is required to store credit cards on Authorize.Net. You can find this setting under Store SetupPayments in the Authorize.Net tab.



CyberSource requires Card Tokenization on the merchant account. A merchant needs to contact CyberSource customer support and request this feature.


Enabling Stored PayPal Accounts

Note: This feature is currently only supported by the PayPal powered by Braintree payment gateway.

Go to Store SetupPayments and click the Braintree Settings tab. Turn on Enable Stored PayPal Accounts, then click Save.

Enabled Stored PayPal accounts enabled and highlighted in Braintree payment gateway settings


Deleting Stored Payment Methods

Logged-in customers can delete their stored payment methods in the payments section of checkout. If they have one or more stored cards, they will see a link to Manage them.

Stored payment methods can only be deleted from the customer's account by the customer themselves. You (the store owner) cannot delete customers' stored payment methods.

Manage Credit Cards

The manage card screen will show the cards that shopper has stored. To remove a stored credit card from the list, click Delete next to the card and click Yes, delete on the confirmation prompt.

If your store is using the Cornerstone theme, customers can also manage their stored cards from the Payment Methods tab of their storefront account area.


Security Features

All payment gateways that support Stored Credit Cards have security features to make sure the stored card is valid, such as requiring the CVV number of the card during checkout and using Trusted Shipping Addresses.

Trusted Shipping Addresses is a security feature that associates the stored card with the last known address used to ship a purchase. This can be used as an alternative to the card's CVV number, reducing the length of time it takes to complete checkout. This feature can be adjusted from the payment gateway's dashboard by disabling CVV as a requirement.

It is possible to use both Trusted Shipping Addresses and Require CVV at the same time. Keep in mind that if Require CVV is enabled in the payment gateway dashboard, it will also need to be enabled in the BigCommerce control panel in order to work properly.



Can I delete payment methods from my payment processor's customer management portal?

No. In order to keep the customer records synchronized between your BigCommerce storefront and the provider’s vault, all payment methods must be deleted from the BigCommerce storefront.

Deleting payment methods from the processor’s customer management will cause synchronization problems with your storefront, and prevent shoppers from being able to manage the affected payment methods.

To prevent issues, only shoppers should delete their payment methods.

Is storing payment methods PCI compliant?

Yes. Your BigCommerce store is NOT storing payment information. The payment gateway stores this information which is in keeping with PCI compliance.

What if I don't see Stored Credit Cards/PayPal Accounts as an option in my control panel?

Make sure your store meets all the requirements. Stores on a Standard plan will need to upgrade to a Plus plan or higher.

Can I delete payment methods that have been stored?

Only shoppers can delete their payment methods.

Can stored payment methods be used on Manual Orders?

No, stored payment methods are only available to shoppers during checkout.

Do I need to continue to ask customers for a CVV for credit cards?

The security standards for some payment gateways will require shoppers to enter their CVV every time. Braintree uses the feature Trusted Shipping Address as a security measure, removing the need to enter a CVV.

Are stored payment methods supported on Checkout SDK and embedded checkout?

Yes, stored payment methods are supported. See our developer documentation on Checkout SDK for more information.

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