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Enabling 3D Secure on PayPal powered by Braintree

3D Secure is a payment processing security feature that requires customers to enter a password tied to their credit card when making a purchase. Customers who do not have 3D Secure set up will be prompted to do so. This security feature reduces the chance of fraudulent activity on both the card and for your store.

While this feature does add extra security, it also adds extra friction at checkout. For this reason, you may see a potential decrease in conversions.

The steps below cover enabling 3D Secure using PayPal powered by Braintree. A full list of payment gateways on BigCommerce that support 3D Secure can be found under All Available Payment Gateways.

Setting up 3D Secure

1. Make sure your country is in the list of supported countries.

2. Email and let them know you would like your account to be enabled for 3D Secure.

3. Go to Store SetupPayments.

4. Toggle the 3D Secure switch to ON.

Toggle on

5. Save your changes.

What 3D Secure Looks Like for Customers

After a client has entered their credit card information, they will be prompted for their password.

Clients will be asked for their password

If they cannot enter their password correctly, they will receive an error and be asked to try again. Otherwise, they will be directed to the "Thanks for Your Order" page.

Supported Countries

You must be located in one of the following countries to use 3D Secure.

  • AND — Andorra
  • AUT — Austria
  • BEL — Belgium
  • BGR — Bulgaria
  • CHE — Switzerland
  • CYP — Cyprus
  • CZE — Czech Republic
  • DEU — Germany
  • DNK — Denmark
  • ESP — Spain
  • EST — Estonia
  • FIN — Finland
  • FRA — France
  • GBR — United Kingdom
  • GGY — Guernsey
  • GIB — Gibraltar
  • GRC — Greece
  • HRV — Croatia
  • HUN — Hungary
  • IMN — Isle of Man
  • IRL — Ireland
  • ISL — Israel
  • ITA — Italy
  • JEY — Jersey
  • LIE — Liechtenstein
  • LTU — Lithuania
  • LUX — Luxembourg
  • LVA — Latvia
  • MCO — Monaco
  • MLT — Malta
  • NLD — Netherlands
  • NOR — Norway
  • POL — Poland
  • PRT — Portugal
  • ROU — Romania
  • SMR — San Marino
  • SVK — Slovakia
  • SVN — Slovenia
  • SWE — Sweden

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