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Connecting with Elavon eCommerce for Payments

Take your business to the next level by implementing a seamless online payment gateway that enables customers around the world to purchase from you, securely and conveniently.

Accepting payments online is simple with Elavon’s secure payment processing platform. With more than 1.1 million customers in over 30 countries processing five billion transactions around the world every year, Elavon is consistently rated among the top-five global payment providers in the world.

As a leading provider of payment-processing solutions Elavon strives to deliver the highest standards of service and technology to every customer.



To use Elavon eCommerce Platform, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have an Elavon eCommerce merchant account. (If you do not have one, please submit an inquiry via and Elavon's sales team will be able to assist you with setting up an account.)
  • Store has Optimized One-Page Checkout enabled
  • The Store Country field in your Store Profile must be the United Kingdom or Ireland

Reside outside of the UK or Ireland? You can still use Elavon - Converge through the MyVirtualMerchant payment gateway. Check the list of supported countries.


Setting Up Elavon eCommerce

1. Go to Store SetupPayments and select Elavon eCommerce Platform from the list of Online Payment Methods.

Elavon setup

2. You will be taken to the Elavon eCommerce Platform Settings tab. Enter the credentials from the Elavon eCommerce Platform into their corresponding fields.

  • Display Name — controls how the payment gateway appears at checkout. We recommend something like “Credit/Debit”.
  • Merchant Alias (Live) — the Merchant Alias Elavon has provided to you for your Elavon live account
  • Merchant Alias (Test) — the Merchant Alias Elavon has provided to you for your test Elavon account
  • Transaction Type — can be set to Authorize & Capture or Authorize Only. Authorize Only allows you to capture the funds manually. See Manually Capturing Transactions (Authorize Only) to learn more.
  • Test Mode — determines whether your store is in Test Mode. Set to No (Recommended) when you are ready to accept payments

Elavon setup settings


Common Questions

Account Eligibility

What currencies and countries does the payment gateway support?

Elavon eCommerce supports the United Kingdom and Ireland. Merchants can transact in over 100 currencies. However, merchants must settle in GBP (United Kingdom) or EUR (Italy).

What items are restricted for merchants to sell?

Here is a list of restricted businesses.


How long until a transactions funds are transferred to my bank?

Depending on your set up agreement, you can expect to see funds in your account within 1-3 days. Settlement files are generated at 11:30 GMT each day.


How soon after a transaction can I perform a refund?

Merchants can process refunds immediately.

Is there an amount of time after which I cannot perform a refund?

There is no time limit on a refund.

Are there any fees for chargebacks/refunds?

Chargeback fees are determined on a merchant-by-merchant basis and are part of your merchant agreement with Elavon.

Additional Features

Are there any fraud filtering options available?

None are supported at this time.

Does Elavon support authorize-only transactions?

Yes, Elavon supports authorize-only, authorize & capture, void, full refunds, and partial refunds.

Does Elavon support recurring/subscription payments?

No, not at this time.

Does Elavon eCommerce support 3DS/3D Secure?

Yes, the integration supports 3D Secure 1.0.2.

Does Elavon eCommerce support multicurrency?

Yes. See Managing Currencies for more detail.

Troubleshooting and Payment Disputes

How are payment disputes handled?

Should you have any disputes with your payments, please contact Elavon’s Customer Service team: UK: (+44) 0345 850 0195 (available 24/7, 365 days a year)


What are Elavon's Terms of Service?

Terms of Service for the UK

Terms of Service for IE/non-UK

How do I contact Elavon's support?



  • UK: (+44) 0345 604 2329
  • Ireland: (+35) 1850924177

Helpdesk ticket:

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