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Editing Customer Details

When a new customer checks out of your store, they have the option of creating an account. Their details, like their name, email, and other address information, is saved to a new customer record. New customer records can also be created manually through the control panel or imported in bulk.

You can manually create customer accounts:

  • for customers who cannot make one for themselves, like those who order over the phone or in person
  • to help encourage a potential prospect to visit your store
  • to make it easier for partners or business associates to use your store

Adding Customer Details

1. Go to CustomersAdd.

Customer details form on the Add Customer screen

2. Enter the customer's First Name, Last Name, Email Address and any of the following optional fields:

3. Create a password by entering it once in the Login Password field, and again in the Confirm Password field.

4. Save your changes or follow the steps below to add a mailing address.


Saving a new customer account does not automatically send an email to the customer. Customers who create their own account through your storefront will receive an account confirmation message.

Adding Customer Addresses

1. While adding or editing a customer record, click the Customer Address Book tab.

The Customer Address Book tab at the top of the Edit a Customer screen

2. If the customer record hasn't been saved yet, click the here link.

If you haven't saved the customer records already, click here in the message on the Add Customer Address screen to save the record and continue adding the address

3. Click Add an Address. Enter the customer's address details, then Save your changes.


Did you know? Additional form fields, both required and not required, may be added to the account sign-up form. See Adding and Editing Fields in the Account Signup Form for more information.

Editing Customer Details

1. Go to CustomersView, then click on the name of the customer you'd like to edit.

2. Edit the Customer Details, then click Save & Exit or Save & Keep Editing to update the customer's address book.

3. Click the Customer Address Book tab, then click ActionEdit to the right of the address you'd like to update. You can also select Delete to delete the address.

Action menu expanded showing Edit

4. Edit the address details, then Save your changes.

Deleting Customer Accounts

To delete a customer account, go to CustomersView and check the box next to the name of the customer record you want to delete. Click the delete button (trash can icon), then click Ok in the confirmation pop-up.

Highlighting a checkmark to the left of the customer record and the delete button at the top of the screen

You can delete customer accounts in bulk by checking more than one customer account at a time. Use the built-in customer filtering and search functions to find specific customer accounts you wish to delete.

Deleting a customer account will not delete the order records the customer(s) has placed, and those records are still accessible from the View Orders screen.

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