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Deleting Products

Products in your BigCommerce catalog can be deleted in the control panel, with a CSV file export/import process, and via the API.


Be careful! There is no way to restore deleted products. We highly recommend backing up your store before attempting to delete products. You can also hide products from the storefront by changing their visibility settings.


In the Control Panel

Go to ProductsView.

  • Check the box next to each product you want to delete, then click the trash bin button to delete them.
  • Click the Select All box at the top left of the product list to select all products on the current page.
  • Use the View # dropdown at the top right of the product list to adjust the number of products shown on the page (up to 100).
  • If you want to delete a certain subset of products, you can use Search to filter the results on the page. See Searching Products for more information.

Deleting a category will delete all products in that category if they are not reassigned to another category.


With a CSV File

If you have a large number of products to delete, you can use a CSV file import to change the categories of to-be-deleted products to a temporary, not visible category. You should name this category something like “Trash” or “Delete”.

Basically, you will:

  • Export the products you want to delete.
  • Edit the CSV file to change the products’ categories to “Trash”, then save.
  • Import the products back into BigCommerce.
  • In the control panel, delete the “Trash” category.

See our Import/Export Overview for more information.


Via the API

Products can be managed and deleted via the V3 Catalog API. See our BigCommerce API documentation for more information.


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