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Date & Timezone Settings


The date and timezone settings allow you to control the internal time tracking used in your store's dashboard. This helps you keep a record of when orders come in and how dates are displayed. This is also how the store tracks when to end a discount or coupon offer if they had a time limit. 

Date and timezone settings can be accessed in Store Setup › Store Settings, under the Date & Timezone tab.

Date Settings

  • Your Timezone — The timezone where you are located. Determines times used when applying timestamps to orders and store logs.
  • Enable DST Correction? — If checked, this setting adds an additional hour to your timezone. Only enable when observing Daylight Savings Time. Note: This is a manual setting, and will need to be disabled when you are no longer observing Daylight Savings Time. See Troubleshooting | Incorrect Control Panel Timestamps for more information.
  • Display Date Format — The format used when displaying dates on your storefront.
  • Export Date Format — The format used when generating dates included in export file names.
  • Extended Display Date Format — The format used when displaying dates in your control panel.

Any of the date formats can be customized by using the characters listed in the format table.

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